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Maya 2020: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features and Improvements

Maya 2020: A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Features and Improvements

If you are looking for a professional 3D software that can help you create realistic characters, stunning effects, and immersive worlds, you might want to check out Maya 2020. Maya 2020 is the latest version of Autodesk's popular 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. It offers many new and improved features that enhance the workflow and creativity of artists and animators. In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide to the latest features and improvements in Maya 2020.

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Cached Playback

One of the biggest features in Maya 2020 is the improved cached playback. Cached playback allows you to preview animations in real-time without waiting for playback to update. It caches the results of evaluations, deformations, and dynamics in memory and plays them back instantly. You can also adjust the cache settings to optimize performance and quality. Cached playback can significantly speed up your animation workflow and help you iterate faster.

Animation Bookmarks

Another feature that can help you with your animation workflow is animation bookmarks. Animation bookmarks let you mark, organize, and navigate through specific events in time and frame ranges. You can use bookmarks to quickly jump to key poses, edit timing, or compare variations of your animation. You can also color-code and group your bookmarks for easier management.

Time Slider Sync

If you work with multiple windows, such as the Graph Editor, Dope Sheet, or Time Editor, you will appreciate the time slider sync feature. Time slider sync enables you to sync the time slider across multiple windows. This makes it easier to edit and refine your animation across different views. You can also choose which windows to sync or exclude from syncing.

Proximity Wrap Deformer

For modeling and rigging, one of the new features in Maya 2020 is the proximity wrap deformer. The proximity wrap deformer allows you to deform a mesh based on the proximity of another mesh. You can use it to create effects such as cloth wrinkles, skin sliding, or muscle bulging. The proximity wrap deformer is fast, robust, and easy to use.

Bifrost for Maya

For creating stunning effects, one of the most powerful features in Maya 2020 is Bifrost for Maya. Bifrost for Maya is a new visual programming environment that lets you create effects with nodes. You can use Bifrost to generate realistic liquid simulations, foam, spray, mist, and more. You can also access ready-made graphs from the Bifrost Browser and modify them to suit your needs. Bifrost for Maya is flexible, scalable, and interactive.


These are just some of the new and improved features in Maya 2020. To learn more about Maya 2020, you can visit the official website or watch the overview video below.

Maya 2020 Official Website

Maya 2020 Overview Video 0efd9a6b88


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